ICS 120 – [September 27, 2014]

Last meeting, the discussion was all about chapters 7 and 8. Our professor told us there will be evaluators that will visit our class, so she reminded us to come early to class. Unfortunately, I was about 30 minutes late that day. Nevertheless, I was able to catch up to what our professor was discussing. For me the topics were quite easy to understand. We had our seatwork then after the discussion. I’m glad that I passed that seatwork.

In our laboratory, Ma’am Kit announced when our defense will happen. She also announced that we need to put our works in a free hosting site. Since I already made a layout for our website, all we need to worry about is the back-end of it. We’ll make sure that we will finish our project on time.

Summing up this blog, this week is still a little bit light loaded, although I’m slightly pressured already because of the fact that finals week is creeping up on a slow but steady pace and eventually, we will face the last lap of this semester. No matter what happen, I’ll do my best so that in the end, I’ll have no regrets.