ICS 120 – [November 15, 2014/ OH DEFENSA!]

“All of the sleepless nights were worth it.”

It was like a day of judgement. I was sweating profusely, a little bit nervous but excited as well. My group mate and I went early to school so that we have ample time to prepare since we were the first group to present. The only thing that I was thinking about that time is that who will be the panel for our defense.

As the second bell rang, I already saw our professor went inside the room, we followed immediately after her. As I enter the room, I asked my group mate who will be the panel, and to my surprise, she said that our panel were just students too but from higher year. I felt relieved and little bit comfortable for I was expecting that our panel will be professors.

The presentation went smooth and continuous,it only took 8 minutes if I’m not mistaken. We were asked some questions about our proposed website and we made it sure that we answered them precisely and concisely. The defense ended with the panel giving us some suggestions on how to improve our website even more.


ICS 120 – [October 25, 2014]

We had our retake in our quiz 7 last meeting. I think most of us failed that quiz. Fortunately I passed the retake and I got a score of 42 out of 50. We held our class in laboratory A if I’m not mistaken because most of the classrooms were occupied by 4th year students having their defense. Our professor discussed new chapters to us after the retake.

After the discussion, we were given time to do our websites. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my flash drive that contains our final website. So we just told our professor about that matter. Our site is about 95% complete, the only thing that needs to be fixed is the positioning of the divs. I think we can still make our website somehow more attractive to the users.

I’m hoping that we will be able to finish our website this vacation so that we will not cram for the upcoming defense. We also have our upcoming Microsoft certification exam this November 13 I think. I know that the following weeks will test our patience, skills and emotional stability maybe? Haha anyway best of luck to us students!

ICS 120 – [October 18, 2014]

This was the day that we presented to our professor our website. Fortunately, we were able to include a database in it and the user can do some transactions. Although we still have some minor issues to fix such as the responsiveness of the navigation bar and validation of input. I wasn’t able to put a validation because I prefer to put the transaction part first because I think that’s what is essential in an e-commerce website.

We took our quiz 7 in laboratory. I was really not prepared for that quiz because I wasn’t able to read any single topic of chapters 9 and 10 since I’m doing our website. So yeah I failed the quiz 7. I felt bad for it because that was the first time I failed a quiz in ICS 120. Well, it’s a lesson for me to learn. I should always manage my time wisely.

After the quiz, Miss Marikit told the class that she’ll extend the checking of sites until 5:30pm. But since our website can perform transactions already and it has a database, I and my group mate were dismissed early. I’m looking forward that we’ll be able to finish our website on time. All we need is a little more effort.

ICS 120 – [October 4, 2014]

As far as I can remember, I was late about 40 minutes that day. It was the day we were supposed to present our website to our professor. As I enter the room, I saw my classmates reading the last chapter our professor discussed, She wasn’t inside our classroom so I thought she was absent that time. But to my surprise, I learned from my classmate that we’re going to have our quiz 6 in laboratory.

I didn’t know that we’ll be having our quiz that day. What I did was I just skim read the coverage of the quiz. And fortunately I passed it. In the laboratory, Miss Marikit checked our initial designs of our websites. The score for our initial designs will be equivalent to our laboratory 6 activity. Luckily, we got a grade of 100.

Our professor told us to do some revisions on the design of our home page. She told us that the cart should just appear once the user clicked on the store or do some transaction. She also suggested that the order now button shouldn’t overlap the image slider. We changed our design and did what our instructor suggested.

ICS 120 – [September 27, 2014]

Last meeting, the discussion was all about chapters 7 and 8. Our professor told us there will be evaluators that will visit our class, so she reminded us to come early to class. Unfortunately, I was about 30 minutes late that day. Nevertheless, I was able to catch up to what our professor was discussing. For me the topics were quite easy to understand. We had our seatwork then after the discussion. I’m glad that I passed that seatwork.

In our laboratory, Ma’am Kit announced when our defense will happen. She also announced that we need to put our works in a free hosting site. Since I already made a layout for our website, all we need to worry about is the back-end of it. We’ll make sure that we will finish our project on time.

Summing up this blog, this week is still a little bit light loaded, although I’m slightly pressured already because of the fact that finals week is creeping up on a slow but steady pace and eventually, we will face the last lap of this semester. No matter what happen, I’ll do my best so that in the end, I’ll have no regrets.

ICS 120 – [September 20, 2014]

What a long weekend! Classes were suspended last Friday and Saturday because of typhoon Mario, that’s why we didn’t have our regular meeting in ICS 121, as well as in ICS 120. I started our project in HCI even before our professor announced that it will be an assignment for us. I already created a template that we’re going to use for the website we’ll revise since I have plenty of idle time. As much as possible, I want our website to be pleasing to the user’s eyes, so I decided that we will observe a minimalist design.

I created several div and manipulated its properties through CSS. I created a main container, a div that will hold the contents of the body, a navigation bar and a footer. At first I had a hard time arranging the different div in their correct positions, but then eventually I was still able to fix it. I also put a simple background image so that the site wouldn’t look dull.

I’m looking forward that we will be able to achieve the website we visualized. One that is simple, user-friendly, and enjoyable to use and of course will able to do the correct and necessary transactions of an e-Commerce website. I know that we still have a long way to go before we can achieve that, we just need to exert our best effort in it. I’ll end this blog with a quote by The Mighty Sven from the movie Happy Feet 2. It says,”If you want it, you must will it. And if you will it, it will be yours.”

ICS 120 – [September 13, 2014/ Prelim Exam Week]

“Kung ano ang iyong itinanim, ay siya ring iyong aanihin.”, “Okay nang pasang-awa, wag lang bagsak.”,”Pasado ka? Ako rin eh… HINDI.”,”You said that you didn’t review for the exams, but the fact that you passed determined it was a lie.” So yeah, the exam week is over at last! Fortunately, I passed all of my examinations. Yey! 🙂 All of the sleepless and restless nights were worth it. We took almost all of our examinations through eLeAP. The first exam that we took was CS 203 (Data Structures and Algorithm).

Part of my routine before taking my exam is to pray in the chapel at the lobby of the Engineering building. Of course most of the students, if not all, would ask for His guidance and His wisdom before entering their corresponding examination room. So back to the examination part, the time I saw the test in CS 203, the first thing that came inside my mind was that I knew I’ll be screwed since it was a difficult test and some of the questions were confusing and tricky. But thank God I was still able to pass it.

The last exams that we took was ICS 121 (Database Management) and ICS 120 (Human Computer Interaction). I just want to know why on Earth did they scheduled our tests in these subjects on the same frigging day. It was really hard to read almost 400 slides when they’re combined. Anyway, I’m glad that I passed ICS 121 despite its high passing score of 70%. The last exam was in ICS 120 and luckily I nailed it too. I got 114 out of 130 points. And since I passed all of my exams, I decided that I should relieve myself from that stressful week. I went out with my friends that night and had fun, enjoyed and got wasted…in a good way (LOL). Now, I can truly say that it was all worth it. 😀