ICS 120 – [November 15, 2014/ OH DEFENSA!]

“All of the sleepless nights were worth it.”

It was like a day of judgement. I was sweating profusely, a little bit nervous but excited as well. My group mate and I went early to school so that we have ample time to prepare since we were the first group to present. The only thing that I was thinking about that time is that who will be the panel for our defense.

As the second bell rang, I already saw our professor went inside the room, we followed immediately after her. As I enter the room, I asked my group mate who will be the panel, and to my surprise, she said that our panel were just students too but from higher year. I felt relieved and little bit comfortable for I was expecting that our panel will be professors.

The presentation went smooth and continuous,it only took 8 minutes if I’m not mistaken. We were asked some questions about our proposed website and we made it sure that we answered them precisely and concisely. The defense ended with the panel giving us some suggestions on how to improve our website even more.


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