ICS 120 – [October 4, 2014]

As far as I can remember, I was late about 40 minutes that day. It was the day we were supposed to present our website to our professor. As I enter the room, I saw my classmates reading the last chapter our professor discussed, She wasn’t inside our classroom so I thought she was absent that time. But to my surprise, I learned from my classmate that we’re going to have our quiz 6 in laboratory.

I didn’t know that we’ll be having our quiz that day. What I did was I just skim read the coverage of the quiz. And fortunately I passed it. In the laboratory, Miss Marikit checked our initial designs of our websites. The score for our initial designs will be equivalent to our laboratory 6 activity. Luckily, we got a grade of 100.

Our professor told us to do some revisions on the design of our home page. She told us that the cart should just appear once the user clicked on the store or do some transaction. She also suggested that the order now button shouldn’t overlap the image slider. We changed our design and did what our instructor suggested.


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