ICS 120 – [October 18, 2014]

This was the day that we presented to our professor our website. Fortunately, we were able to include a database in it and the user can do some transactions. Although we still have some minor issues to fix such as the responsiveness of the navigation bar and validation of input. I wasn’t able to put a validation because I prefer to put the transaction part first because I think that’s what is essential in an e-commerce website.

We took our quiz 7 in laboratory. I was really not prepared for that quiz because I wasn’t able to read any single topic of chapters 9 and 10 since I’m doing our website. So yeah I failed the quiz 7. I felt bad for it because that was the first time I failed a quiz in ICS 120. Well, it’s a lesson for me to learn. I should always manage my time wisely.

After the quiz, Miss Marikit told the class that she’ll extend the checking of sites until 5:30pm. But since our website can perform transactions already and it has a database, I and my group mate were dismissed early. I’m looking forward that we’ll be able to finish our website on time. All we need is a little more effort.


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