ICS 120 – [September 13, 2014/ Prelim Exam Week]

“Kung ano ang iyong itinanim, ay siya ring iyong aanihin.”, “Okay nang pasang-awa, wag lang bagsak.”,”Pasado ka? Ako rin eh… HINDI.”,”You said that you didn’t review for the exams, but the fact that you passed determined it was a lie.” So yeah, the exam week is over at last! Fortunately, I passed all of my examinations. Yey! 🙂 All of the sleepless and restless nights were worth it. We took almost all of our examinations through eLeAP. The first exam that we took was CS 203 (Data Structures and Algorithm).

Part of my routine before taking my exam is to pray in the chapel at the lobby of the Engineering building. Of course most of the students, if not all, would ask for His guidance and His wisdom before entering their corresponding examination room. So back to the examination part, the time I saw the test in CS 203, the first thing that came inside my mind was that I knew I’ll be screwed since it was a difficult test and some of the questions were confusing and tricky. But thank God I was still able to pass it.

The last exams that we took was ICS 121 (Database Management) and ICS 120 (Human Computer Interaction). I just want to know why on Earth did they scheduled our tests in these subjects on the same frigging day. It was really hard to read almost 400 slides when they’re combined. Anyway, I’m glad that I passed ICS 121 despite its high passing score of 70%. The last exam was in ICS 120 and luckily I nailed it too. I got 114 out of 130 points. And since I passed all of my exams, I decided that I should relieve myself from that stressful week. I went out with my friends that night and had fun, enjoyed and got wasted…in a good way (LOL). Now, I can truly say that it was all worth it. 😀


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