ICS 120 – [September 6, 2014/Quiz 5]

Prelim examination is coming up fast and I’m feeling the pressure already. I can’t say that I’m ready for that one heck of a week, I still need to prepare myself for that so that whatever happens at least I know I gave my best shot. Now going to what happened last meeting in ICS 120, we had our quiz number 5 and man I nailed it! I got a perfect score again! But honestly speaking, I expected that I’ll fail that one because what I did was that I just skim read the whole coverage of that chapter and remembered important keywords for every Interface type. Chapter 6 was too long for me. I was like, “Come on 103 slides seriously?” Anyway, I’m glad that I passed that quiz and I hope that my luck in this subject will continue until the end of this semester hahaha.

In the laboratory, we didn’t have our activity because there were visitors and they introduced to us a design tool named Canva. Canva makes graphic designing amazingly simple for everyone. It is easy to use because of its drag-and-drop feature and its user-friendly interface which is suitable for beginners in graphic designing. The team that went in our class held a mini contest wherein the students with the best designs will have a prize, which is a shirt. At first, I wasn’t that interested to try Canva because my PC unit WAS SO FAST, THE BROWSERS WERE UPDATED AND IT DOESN’T LAG AT ALL. But since I’m curious about that tool I still tried to create my design. Our PC’s doesn’t have Google Chrome, and Firefox can’t load the website of Canva because it’s up to date, so we used IE and hoped for the best. Though I thought it will take forever in loading the website, luckily it worked in IE.

Just as the time I was about to sing Forever by CB, the website loaded at last. It roughly took about 4 to 5 minutes just to load the home page. So I created my design, put a filter in it, changed some of the text and its font style. To be honest, I was just playing with my design, but to my surprise our professor chose my creation! Hahaha. I was like, “Seriously? Is that for real?” So yeah I was one of the students who won a shirt with a Canva logo in front of it. Because of that I realized that I should always expect the unexpected, “Kasi may mga bagay na akala mo hindi nakalaan para sa’yo, pero ‘yun pala para sa’yo talaga ‘yun.” Okay enough with the hugot. That’s all for now bye! 😀




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