ICS 120 – [Intro PHP via Codecademy]

php php1

Whew! It took me some time in order for me to finish this tutorial in PHP. Almost all of our subjects have assignments to do, quizzes, activities and stuff. Anyway, the tutorial in codecademy about PHP is very informative and it is really for beginners. And because it’s for beginners, the scope of the tutorial is limited. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about PHP in that short period of time. The topics that were discussed were Arrays (one-dimensional, multi-dimensional and advanced), Objects, Classes and Functions. But I was wondering why they didn’t include in the course the basics of injecting database to the front-end design. It is a requirement in our case study in HCI, so we need to study that. I think we just have to search tutorials about that matter since it’s not included in Codecademy.

I’m really not a beginner in PHP, I had a background of it before when I was in my previous school. But that was long time ago, all I can remember was the echo. We had discussed too back then on how to insert database in to your page through the use of Wamp Server but I can’t remember anymore a single thing on how to do it. I guess I just have to Google that. 

My experience in coding PHP through codecademy was good so far. Though I had some difficulties on some topics because of syntax errors, I still managed to finish it all the way through. For me, PHP is a little bit easier than JavaScript, because the syntax of the former is slightly easier to memorize than the latter. I’m looking forward to practice more in coding PHP. Hopefully, I’ll be able to master this scripting language in the near future.


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