ICS 120 – [August 30, 2014/ Quiz 4]

Last meeting, we took our quiz on eleap about chapters 4 and 5, and because of that quiz, we didn’t have laboratory exercise (which is kinda good actually). I thought I would fail on that quiz because I wasn’t able to review the lessons properly. But I was shocked when I saw the result of it, I got a perfect score! Yey! 🙂 I hope our next quiz will be posted on eleap too, maybe I’ll get a perfect score again hahaha. 

In our lecture, chapter 6 was discussed, it wasn’t that hard to understand because like what Miss Kit said, it is self-explanatory and the discussion wasn’t boring (thanks to the hugots of our professor and her WOTD: “Share lang.” :D). Though we didn’t finished the whole chapter, I learned a lot about that chapter which is all about Interfaces. We also discussed the different types of interfaces like Command-based, WIMP and GUI, Web and Mobile just to name a few.

Next meeting, we will have our quiz on chapter 6 and the review for the upcoming major exam. I’m pretty sure that this week will be like on-the-rocks-week, because we will have our quizzes in different subjects. I’m so dead if my parents find that I fail even just one exam. So for me, studying is the key to pass those quizzes or exams. No staying late outside, no playing of games and no partying. I’m hopeful that I’ll pass the prelim exam in HCI, as well as to my other subjects. Like what other Thomasians say, “Aral. Puso. Dasal.”


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