ICS 120 – [September 20, 2014]

What a long weekend! Classes were suspended last Friday and Saturday because of typhoon Mario, that’s why we didn’t have our regular meeting in ICS 121, as well as in ICS 120. I started our project in HCI even before our professor announced that it will be an assignment for us. I already created a template that we’re going to use for the website we’ll revise since I have plenty of idle time. As much as possible, I want our website to be pleasing to the user’s eyes, so I decided that we will observe a minimalist design.

I created several div and manipulated its properties through CSS. I created a main container, a div that will hold the contents of the body, a navigation bar and a footer. At first I had a hard time arranging the different div in their correct positions, but then eventually I was still able to fix it. I also put a simple background image so that the site wouldn’t look dull.

I’m looking forward that we will be able to achieve the website we visualized. One that is simple, user-friendly, and enjoyable to use and of course will able to do the correct and necessary transactions of an e-Commerce website. I know that we still have a long way to go before we can achieve that, we just need to exert our best effort in it. I’ll end this blog with a quote by The Mighty Sven from the movie Happy Feet 2. It says,”If you want it, you must will it. And if you will it, it will be yours.”


ICS 120 – [September 13, 2014/ Prelim Exam Week]

“Kung ano ang iyong itinanim, ay siya ring iyong aanihin.”, “Okay nang pasang-awa, wag lang bagsak.”,”Pasado ka? Ako rin eh… HINDI.”,”You said that you didn’t review for the exams, but the fact that you passed determined it was a lie.” So yeah, the exam week is over at last! Fortunately, I passed all of my examinations. Yey! 🙂 All of the sleepless and restless nights were worth it. We took almost all of our examinations through eLeAP. The first exam that we took was CS 203 (Data Structures and Algorithm).

Part of my routine before taking my exam is to pray in the chapel at the lobby of the Engineering building. Of course most of the students, if not all, would ask for His guidance and His wisdom before entering their corresponding examination room. So back to the examination part, the time I saw the test in CS 203, the first thing that came inside my mind was that I knew I’ll be screwed since it was a difficult test and some of the questions were confusing and tricky. But thank God I was still able to pass it.

The last exams that we took was ICS 121 (Database Management) and ICS 120 (Human Computer Interaction). I just want to know why on Earth did they scheduled our tests in these subjects on the same frigging day. It was really hard to read almost 400 slides when they’re combined. Anyway, I’m glad that I passed ICS 121 despite its high passing score of 70%. The last exam was in ICS 120 and luckily I nailed it too. I got 114 out of 130 points. And since I passed all of my exams, I decided that I should relieve myself from that stressful week. I went out with my friends that night and had fun, enjoyed and got wasted…in a good way (LOL). Now, I can truly say that it was all worth it. 😀

ICS 120 – [September 6, 2014/Quiz 5]

Prelim examination is coming up fast and I’m feeling the pressure already. I can’t say that I’m ready for that one heck of a week, I still need to prepare myself for that so that whatever happens at least I know I gave my best shot. Now going to what happened last meeting in ICS 120, we had our quiz number 5 and man I nailed it! I got a perfect score again! But honestly speaking, I expected that I’ll fail that one because what I did was that I just skim read the whole coverage of that chapter and remembered important keywords for every Interface type. Chapter 6 was too long for me. I was like, “Come on 103 slides seriously?” Anyway, I’m glad that I passed that quiz and I hope that my luck in this subject will continue until the end of this semester hahaha.

In the laboratory, we didn’t have our activity because there were visitors and they introduced to us a design tool named Canva. Canva makes graphic designing amazingly simple for everyone. It is easy to use because of its drag-and-drop feature and its user-friendly interface which is suitable for beginners in graphic designing. The team that went in our class held a mini contest wherein the students with the best designs will have a prize, which is a shirt. At first, I wasn’t that interested to try Canva because my PC unit WAS SO FAST, THE BROWSERS WERE UPDATED AND IT DOESN’T LAG AT ALL. But since I’m curious about that tool I still tried to create my design. Our PC’s doesn’t have Google Chrome, and Firefox can’t load the website of Canva because it’s up to date, so we used IE and hoped for the best. Though I thought it will take forever in loading the website, luckily it worked in IE.

Just as the time I was about to sing Forever by CB, the website loaded at last. It roughly took about 4 to 5 minutes just to load the home page. So I created my design, put a filter in it, changed some of the text and its font style. To be honest, I was just playing with my design, but to my surprise our professor chose my creation! Hahaha. I was like, “Seriously? Is that for real?” So yeah I was one of the students who won a shirt with a Canva logo in front of it. Because of that I realized that I should always expect the unexpected, “Kasi may mga bagay na akala mo hindi nakalaan para sa’yo, pero ‘yun pala para sa’yo talaga ‘yun.” Okay enough with the hugot. That’s all for now bye! 😀



ICS 120 – [Intro PHP via Codecademy]

php php1

Whew! It took me some time in order for me to finish this tutorial in PHP. Almost all of our subjects have assignments to do, quizzes, activities and stuff. Anyway, the tutorial in codecademy about PHP is very informative and it is really for beginners. And because it’s for beginners, the scope of the tutorial is limited. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about PHP in that short period of time. The topics that were discussed were Arrays (one-dimensional, multi-dimensional and advanced), Objects, Classes and Functions. But I was wondering why they didn’t include in the course the basics of injecting database to the front-end design. It is a requirement in our case study in HCI, so we need to study that. I think we just have to search tutorials about that matter since it’s not included in Codecademy.

I’m really not a beginner in PHP, I had a background of it before when I was in my previous school. But that was long time ago, all I can remember was the echo. We had discussed too back then on how to insert database in to your page through the use of Wamp Server but I can’t remember anymore a single thing on how to do it. I guess I just have to Google that. 

My experience in coding PHP through codecademy was good so far. Though I had some difficulties on some topics because of syntax errors, I still managed to finish it all the way through. For me, PHP is a little bit easier than JavaScript, because the syntax of the former is slightly easier to memorize than the latter. I’m looking forward to practice more in coding PHP. Hopefully, I’ll be able to master this scripting language in the near future.

ICS 120 – [August 30, 2014/ Quiz 4]

Last meeting, we took our quiz on eleap about chapters 4 and 5, and because of that quiz, we didn’t have laboratory exercise (which is kinda good actually). I thought I would fail on that quiz because I wasn’t able to review the lessons properly. But I was shocked when I saw the result of it, I got a perfect score! Yey! 🙂 I hope our next quiz will be posted on eleap too, maybe I’ll get a perfect score again hahaha. 

In our lecture, chapter 6 was discussed, it wasn’t that hard to understand because like what Miss Kit said, it is self-explanatory and the discussion wasn’t boring (thanks to the hugots of our professor and her WOTD: “Share lang.” :D). Though we didn’t finished the whole chapter, I learned a lot about that chapter which is all about Interfaces. We also discussed the different types of interfaces like Command-based, WIMP and GUI, Web and Mobile just to name a few.

Next meeting, we will have our quiz on chapter 6 and the review for the upcoming major exam. I’m pretty sure that this week will be like on-the-rocks-week, because we will have our quizzes in different subjects. I’m so dead if my parents find that I fail even just one exam. So for me, studying is the key to pass those quizzes or exams. No staying late outside, no playing of games and no partying. I’m hopeful that I’ll pass the prelim exam in HCI, as well as to my other subjects. Like what other Thomasians say, “Aral. Puso. Dasal.”