ICS 120 – [August 23, 2014/ Laboratory Activity 5]

labAct 5

Last meeting, the discussion in HCI was all about chapters 4 and 5 which are Social Interaction and Emotional Interaction respectively. I was a little bit late last time…okay not a little bit, I’m an hour late, that’s why I wasn’t able to hear the discussion on the first hour of our class. Fortunately, we didn’t have a quiz that day so I kinda feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything. 

In our lecture class, I think that the whole discussion wasn’t boring. The topics seem to be quite interesting because it involves social and emotional aspects in interaction of the user to a program or an interface. If it weren’t for this chapter, I would not be able to now that it is important that developers should take into account what the users would feel when they interact on its interface. All in all, the chapters 4 and 5 are very informative and enjoyable to learn.

Now let’s go to our laboratory activity 5. In there we used our previous laboratory activity and we were instructed to remove all the contents of it, including the images, the texts but not our names in the footer part. We were instructed to create a template that will observe minimalism. So what is minimalism? It is also referred to as minimalist design which has been described as a design at its most basic. Minimalist design tells us that sometimes less is more.  

As you can see the screenshot of my finished output, I preferred to use only 3 colors on my template. Since I’m not really good on combining colors, I decided to use a shade of black and two different shades of red. I don’t know what’s it with Google Chrome, it doesn’t display the right colors I used in my template. Originally, we use Mozilla Firefox in our laboratory and in there the colors were displayed correctly, unlike on GC it appears that the colors I used were white, black and baby pink I guess? Nevertheless, I feel great that I finished the activity on time and hopefully I will get a score of 100. 


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