ICS 120 – [Intro to jQuery via Codecademy]

jquery jquery1


Finally, I completed the tutorial about jQuery in Codecademy. So what is this jQuery all about? Well it is a JavaScript library which is used for document manipulation and even event handling. Besides CSS, jQuery is used on HTML to add more sophisticated designs on your page and it is also used on animation. The syntax of it is a little bit different than the previous languages I studied but the structure or the form of it, like declaring a function or a variable is similar with JavaScript.

At first it was hard for me to memorize the basic syntax of it, but as I practiced and kept on repeating on typing codes, in the long run, I got used to it and I was able to code even without peeking on the Hints. I can say that jQuery is not that difficult to learn, you just have to analyze carefully what specific event you want to occur. And speaking of that action or event, I think the lesson in Codecademy is not that really educative or enlightening, in short I found it somewhat confusing. In Codecademy, it wasn’t discussed there the list of the different actions you can use and the outcome of it. Instead, they just showed some actions that will be used on the tutorial and instructed us to insert it on the list of codes. I know some events are self-explanatory, but still, I think it’s better if they included what does a certain action does to a function. Another thing is that some instructions on the tutorial are ambiguous and they didn’t even included on the tutorial that the names of actions or events should observe camel casing. I know it’s a simple thing but…naah, never mind. I guess Codecademy doesn’t want to spoon-feed students.

All in all, I found jQuery quite interesting and I want to learn more about it. I’ll practice coding even more so that I’ll improve my abilities on utilizing it, but of course, I will practice on JavaScript as well because these two most probably come together. By there’s a common misconception that jQuery is a programming language. I think you might wanna check on this linkPeople, jQuery is NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! It is a library of JavaScript okay? That’s all for now, I hope some of you got some enlightenment about that matter. 😀


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