ICS 120 – [Quiz 1]

So yeah, another late blog entry again. This won’t be the last late entry that I’ll be posting (shame on me,right? Just kidding). Well just like other people say, better late than never! 🙂 Anyway, let’s go now to what happened on our first quiz . The first chapter was all about Interaction Design. I can say that it wasn’t that hard. The topics weren’t that complicated and it was easy to understand. Don’t get me wrong fellas, I’m not being boastful here. It’s true, for me that was the easiest chapter that we have discussed already. Even our professor told us that chapter 1 will be the easiest part of the course ICS 120. I learned a lot on that chapter, like the good and bad designs, stuff about the needs of users and etc.

 I reviewed good enough so that I won’t fail on that quiz. Because I already have a bad score on HCI, I remember my score on our first seatwork, I was 30 minutes late that time. I only got 3 out of 10, yuck right? If only I arrived early that day, I think I should’ve passed that seatwork. Nevertheless, that’s a lesson for me to learn. I should not be late again not anymore (oh the irony, here I am posting a late blog entry hahaha!).

Well as far as I can remember, I passed the first quiz. It took me 1 hour in order for me to analyze and understand each concept of the whole chapter. I’m not that kind of student that just memorizes, a “kabisote” like what they say. I also want to understand each topic carefully, so that I’ll be able to answer any type of question that’ll be thrown to me, whether it’ll be true or false, enumeration type or even identification. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to perfect the quiz but that’s okay, at least I did my best, although my best wasn’t good enough hahaha. I’ll just do better next time I guess.


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