ICS 120 – [Laboratory Activity 3]



This is a late blog entry. I didn’t know that we should also blog the things that happened in our class. It’s ok at least now I know and next time I wont have any late blog entries anymore. KUDOS for me! Hahaha! :D. Anyway let’s go the activities that happened 2 weeks ago. The picture above is our Laboratory Activity 3. I know, I know the color combination sucks as well as the font I used. But that’s the best I can give, I’m not that type of person that is really creative. Though I have a wide range of imagination and stuff, I just can’t apply it on my work. Well perhaps I’ll just assess this weakness of mine and do something about my “creativeness” issue. There are still lots of room for improvement for me. 🙂

So what’s with this activity we had? We were given an hour to achieve or display a certain format of webpage. As you can see it consists of 5 divs which are the header, navigation bar, the sidebar, the right div and the footer. On the header, we should display the logo of UST and a header text. On the nav bar, we should be able to display 5 links, and all of those should redirect you into a new page. On the sidebar, which is the left div, it should contain 2 pictures that has something to do with UST. On the right div, you should put there what have you learned on our subject ICS 120. Lastly, the footer should display a copyright symbol, your surname then fullname and your section.

In this laboratory activity that we had 2 weeks ago I guess, I only got a score of 80. I wasn’t able to finish the entire design required to get a perfect score of 100. I was only able to display the divs, the texts on the header, one picture, some sentences on the right div and the footer. If you can only see the first output of my page, I bet you’re going to say, “Man that’s one nasty webpage!” It’s true I swear. I had a hard time setting the navigation bar on it’s right position. It overlapped the header div. Then the picture is way too big for the left div, it consumed the whole space of it. After I saw the whole mess of what I had created, I decided to remake it again to get at least a 60 or even an 80. Because if only our professor could give a score of 10, I think she’ll give that to me.

Luckily, I was able to achieve an 80. Miss Marikit, our professor, instructed us to finish our lab activity 3 because it’ll be a pre-requisite to the next activity that we’re going to do. So I finished my work at home and the picture above was the result of it. Yes it’s not that fancy, it’s just a simple design with a bad color combination. I made it that way because it’s the color motif of UST, black and gold. I can say that I really learned a lot on our subject. Thanks to our professor, she’s doing her job well. Not unlike…nevermind. Hahaha! :D. Anyway, I think I’ll practice more on my designing skills. I really love to be an awesome webpage designer someday. Hopefully, i’ll be able to fulfill this dream.




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