ICS 120 – [August 2]

Blog, blog, blog, or should I say late blog, late blog, late blog. These past few weeks have been so hard and were bit depressing for me. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time with Jack D. (you know what I mean), I don’t know maybe because I got into a realization that I’m getting older and all of my original batch mates graduated on time and have their jobs already and here I am, still a 2nd year student, what a bummer. Nonetheless, they say it’s still better that I stay as a student for the meantime. I get my allowance and I don’t have a boss, so I got that going for me which is nice. 🙂

So what happened 2 weeks ago? We tackled chapter 2 which was all about Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction. Honestly, I found the topic a little bit boring, so I found it hard to understand it too. We had our 2nd quiz on that matter and fortunately I passed. Yey! I learned a lot on this topic even though I found it boring. A big thanks to our professor! Kudos to you Ma’am! 😀 Anyway, chapter 2 was about Metaphors, Conceptual Model, Design Space and etc. I also learned about the Interaction Types which consists of instructing, conversing, manipulating and exploring. If I’ll compare this chapter to chapter 1, I can say that it’s a bit more hard. Well not that hard really, but an intermediate difficulty maybe.

Now let’s go now to the activities that happened on our laboratory. We had an activity back then, wherein we should recreate our typography assignment in jpeg format into HTML and CSS one. At first I was confused at startled, I was like oh come on how am I supposed to do that photo manipulation on HTML and CSS? And then I realized oh yeah I can just crop the photo and call it using the <img> tag. So we had roughly like 40 or 30 minutes to finish the whole thing because the class that uses the laboratory before us is always having an overtime. Cramming time again right, well we got used to that already. To fast forward and cut the story short, I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing. I was only able to display the text but not the picture. I really had a hard time just to display that picture of mine, so I just got a grade of 80. And I’ll take that as a lesson, next time, I’ll make it sure that I’ll perfect the activity (hopefully hahaha!).


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