ICS 120 – [August 18/ Laboratory Activity 4]


As you can see, the picture above is just like the Laboratory Activity 3. The only thing that has been changed on its interface was the navigation bar. If you can remember our last laboratory activity, on the navigation tab I used was just a simple text enclosed with the <a href> tags. But now in this activity, our professor instructed us to use some JavaScript and jQuery on it, to make a fresher and more appealing look on our web pages.

At first I thought that it’ll be hard to implement the codes on the nav bar that Miss Marikit gave us, I was wrong. It’s not that hard to insert the new codes to the current ones. I mean you just need to analyze where you should put it in. You don’t have to over think too much, you just need to replace the name of the class or id used in the your previous codes so that it’ll be synchronized with the stylesheet. The only struggle I encountered was to change the properties of your page wherein if you zoom it in or out, the contents of it will stay centered. I took me 4 trials just to get it right (I don’t even know if it’s really right). I think the problem is on the paddings and margins I had put on my divs. So what I did was to set all of my margins to auto and then I set the navigation bar to a fixed position, so that it’ll not move once you scroll it or zoom it out. The only issue left on my page was that when you zoom it in, the texts and pictures overlaps each other, but I think I know already how to fix that (I hope so).

You know back on the days when I first encountered HTML and CSS, I really had a hard time to understand the codes and its syntax. But now, I’m starting to love it, I just hope it loves me back hahaha! Well so much with those “hugots”. Anyway, HTML is a beautiful programming language, well some say that it’s not a programming language really. I found this article Why HTML is Not A Programming Language. It’s interesting that people argue on whether HTML is really a programming language or not. Some computer experts say that it’s just a “Markup Language” and not a programming language like Java, C# or C. I want to learn more about this issue, it’s good to see people argue over the internet about something. Nah, just kidding hahaha!

Well I guess that would be all for this blog. Things are getting more exciting and thrilling each day :D. See you around!


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