ICS 120 – [Intro to JavaScript via Codecademy]


At last I finished the tutorial about JavaScript via Codecademy. In the picture above, you can see that the estimated time in able for you to finish the course is 10 hours (but of course I can’t sit that long just coding in front of my laptop). Well actually it took me 2 days to finish this JS tutorial, 5 hours for each day. On a rating scale of 1 to 10, for me I would give this course a score of 8. Why did I say so? Because unlike the first 3 or 4 topics, the explanation on it’s succeeding lessons were not that discussed very well. I mean there were some lines or syntax which were used that weren’t explained good enough. Like what’s the use of such function or code or even what will happen if you put that specific code in your program. Nevertheless, the whole tutorial experience wasn’t that bad and I can say that I learned a lot.

Now, let’s go to the topics that were discussed in this tutorial. In the first chapter, it’ll teach you the basic syntax of JS language like the code on how to print or display your name which is console.log("some text"), how to get the length of your input is console.log("some text".length), the syntax how to declare a variable is var nameOfVariable = some_value. Remember that variables can contain strings, numbers, answer to a prompt message or even a boolean value. Declaration of the conditional statement if-else was also discussed on the first chapter, as well as computation of simple arithmetic operations. On the second part of the tutorial, the main focus of it was all about functions. The next topic that was tackled were the looping statements: do-while, while and the for loop. After that, arrays and objects were discussed. I didn’t have any problem in understanding arrays, I was able to absorb an understand it very well. But the lesson about objects, man oh man, I really had a hard time to understand and to fully grasp even just a single concept of it! Maybe i think it’s because of the approach of the tutorial. Sometimes it’ll give you an ambiguous instruction or sometimes the instruction is incomplete. There were even topics that weren’t discussed thoroughly. I don’t know why they did it that way, well maybe because they don’t want to spoon feed students I guess?

Anyway, JavaScript is such a wonderful and powerful programming language. Thanks to Codecademy, I was able to learn this one. Though the scope of the tutorial was limited, I will still recommend this to other aspiring JS programmers. I just hope there will be an extension to this tutorial, an intermediate level to this course maybe would be nice. And I hope if there would be an extension, it’ll be concise, straight-forward and will explain the codes or the syntax that’ll be used. It’s good to learn different languages, programming languages to be exact. For me, the next one I want to learn is either Python or Ruby or even jQuery, a cross-platform JavaScript library.


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