ICS 120 – [Typography]

As soon as I learned that the second assignment was already posted in PBWorks, I immediately opened it and checked it  out. I clicked on the Assignments tab and it is written in there, “Create a biography using typography…using Ps (Photoshop) or Ai (Illustrator).” And I was like, “Wait what? Did I just read create a biography using typo-what? And whaaaat? Use Ps or Ai? The heck. I think I’m screwed this time. Well, I’ll just use MS Paint anyway.”

Honestly, I don’t know what typography was all about, although I already heard that word before, I just don’t know how to create one. And also, I seldom use Ps and Ai. Oftentimes I use MS Paint in editing stuff, though I know the basics of Ps, I’m just more comfortable in using the former. So in order for me to have an assignment to submit, I searched on Google about that typography thing and some photo manipulation techniques in Ps, because I’ll be using that application this time.

After I browsed the web and read some articles, I gained some ideas on what design I’ll be using. I found this link very useful and I even used it on my assignment. I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 in my assignment.  At first, I had a hard time doing the photo manipulation since that was the first time I used Photoshop. I don’t know how to use  most of the tools in it. On my first attempt in editing my photo, it took me 8 straight hours. Yes, you read that right, 8 straight hours. Even though it took me that long, the result of it was not that good. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 4. On my second attempt, the time I consumed went down to 4 hours and its scale or score for me was 5. And on my last attempt, it only took me 30 minutes and for me, the score for it was 6.5.

I know that the finish product is not that very good, but it’s ok, I know I did my best effort in it. Because of this, I’ll start to practice more the basics of designing and stuff in Photoshop CS4. As you can see on the picture below, you can see that my photo seems to look like it’s made out of words. I used a gradient overlay to give different colors in the picture.





ICS 120-[Introduction to HTML and CSS via Codecademy]



So I just had finished the tutorial course in HTML and CSS through codecademy.com. At first I thought that it’ll be an old-fashioned and one big lame tutorial about HTML and CSS. Why did I say so? Well let’s just say that HTML with CSS was once my subject back  in the days from my previous school. I really had a hard time understanding the topics that were discussed because of the manner, approach and the presentation of the lecture. I, as a student, will most likely grasp information and will learn fast if the lecture or lesson to be presented in my face will be visually entertaining.

When our instructor in ICS 120, Miss Marikit Valmadrid, told us that we’ll have to finish a course about HTML and CSS, I really hoped that the presentation of it will be pleasing to my eyes and will be very informative.  So as I started it, I was very delighted and very pleased by the tutorial. I can really say that I learned a lot. The manner and approach of the course was very concise, direct to the point, visually entertaining and most specially, it was very informative.

Some of the topics that was covered in the course was about the basics of HTML, inserting images and links to your page, creating tables and creating div’s just to name a few. When I was coding, there were times that I wasn’t  able to  achieve what’s being asked for by the computer in just one trial. There was a time I had to edit my code 3 times because I really can’t understand or I had forgotten the syntax. Nevertheless,  I never imagined that I could learn that lot just within 3 days.

There are other courses offered in Codecademy like PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby and Python. I really would recommend other aspiring I.T. students to grab the chance and try some of these courses offered online. As for me, I think I’ll study Python next.